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1784 wreck, Shipwrecks & disasters at se

Books - Shipwrecks of Florida ; More Shipwrecks of Florida

This site is dedicated to maritime research & discovery, especially Florida & surrounding areas. The books Shipwrecks of Florida & More Shipwrecks of Florida, by Steven Danforth Singer, tells the stories of the many shipwrecks lost in Florida waters. 1st book lists over 2,100 shipwrecks along with tips on search and recovery, identification, research, etc. The 2nd & just released book (this is a sequel to the first book, but is an entirely new book-all new content, new stories, etc.) lists over 1,500 new shipwrecks, plus additional information on hundreds of previously listed wrecks, along with tales of pirates & privateers, sunken & buried treasure, the wreckers, & much more.  Available in paperback and Kindle through Amazon (link below).

Also through Barnes & Noble (link below)

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Note: Site still under construction so check back for updates.

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