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Jupiter Treasure Wreck

Jupiter Treasure Wreck

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Finding Treasure

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1) Short 2.5 min. video of divers finding "Pieces of Eight" on the "Jupiter wreck," believed to be the San Miguel el Archangel, wrecked in 1660. Full video below. Video: Steve Singer

2) Full 12 min. video of recovery on the Jupiter treasure wreck with the crew of the Ella Warley III in 1997. Video: Steve Singer

Video taken 2022 off Manalapan, FL. Was part of wreckage found year before but was buried when this was found. See "Wreck of the barkentine DORIS? " under the Articles tab.

'Army Corp of Engineers hopper dredge CUMBERLAND wreck-site off Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Wrecked in 1931 and visible above water until around WWII when used as target practice. Video taken 2021 by Steve Singer

Short 3.45 minute video of our salvage boat Chelsea on the 1715 Cabin site with partner Don Kree. One of those years when weather wasn't cooperative and you dove even when conditions were far from ideal. Swells running and not easy working underwater, visibility a few inches, 2 hour shifts, Still taking sextant readings back then for each hole and plotting on map. Using hookah rig this day. Three anchors set, aware of tides as on top of reef this day. Definitely a workout.

Diving on the 1715 Fleet

Copenhagen anchor recovery

Copenhagen anchor recovery

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Returning lost kedge anchor back to the Copenhagen main wreck-site. Video: Steve Singer. Story of the event is under the "articles" tab.

Video of excavation in 1997-8 of the Gil Blas wreck. Can see bow stem in one segment, frames , keelson, inner outer planking & mortared ballast in others, and at end of video is a site sketch of the wreck. The wreck likely had a hand in delaying any development in the Broward County area for the next 50 years. Video: Steve Singer

Hurricane waves, and aftermath of a storm off Palm Beach, FL. Video: Steve Singer

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